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Apr, 2016

NBA Drills

What Every Basketball Player Should Know
compiled by Mark Sharpley

Understanding what your expectations are for yourself is key

Understand your limitations 

Understand your strengths and weaknesses 

Research how to improve your weaknesses and strengths 

Understand how much work is needed and be willing to put in the time and effort necessary.

Understand that if you love something or have a passion for something it does not appear to be work. 

Who can help you improve as a player? – Player development outlet – friends – parents – coaches etc. 

How motivated are you? 

How can you improve or gain motivation? Watch your favorite players, watch inspirational movies, whatever... Do anything you need to do to get motivated. 

Players should gain an understanding of fundamentals of the game from an individual and team aspect. 

Players should thank their parents for the effort they put in so their support is best utilized and maximized.

Players should never doubt their abilities – Just keep working and gaining confidence 

Have faith that hard work will pay off. It takes time and not always in the time frame we would like 

Learn what your opponent's defense is trying to take away from you individually and as a team. 

Learn how to play under pressure – Basically, it's disregarding your fear... Actually somehow welcoming your fear as a positive force.

Adversity is always a door for opportunity.