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Jun, 2013

Recap week 7

teammate Puckett who finished the oop with a clean dunk. The Tree Huggers ended the second half leading the 98 Bulls 49-35. The Tree Huggers dramatically extended their lead in the second half. They were making the majority of their shots from beyond the arc. Two players in particular carried the team on the offensive end, Brenner with 25 points and Puckett with 25 points as well. The 98 Bulls ran out of gas in the second half and half of the team could not even make it up and down the court. Tree Huggers trumped the 98 Bulls 84-62. 

Spiders vs. UCCS:

Right off the bat it was obvious that UCCS was without a question going to dominate the Spiders. The Spiders collectively were not at the same skill level as UCCS. On top of that UCCS has great team communication and chemistry. UCCS, their two-three zone was unbeatable. If the Spiders attempted to take any shots around the rim they were Triple teamed and mauled. The only way the spiders were going to get points under the basket was if they were wide open on a fast break. Other than limited offensive opportunities the Spiders made silly turnovers. Spiders need to change something going into the second half. UCCS leads the Spiders 48-33. The Spiders did a complete 180 in the second half they proved that they could compete with UCCS. They did not only prove that they can compete but dominate as well. With 5 minutes left in the second half the Spiders led UCCS 55-54. UCCS went into a slump in the second half, for about four straight minutes they made one two-point basket and during that slump they allowed the Spiders to take control of the game and comeback. With two minutes left in the game it got intense. The Spiders trailed by 3 and they had to start sending UCCS  to the line. UCCS defeated the Spiders 75-66. The high scorer for the night was Derek White of UCCS with 19 points. 

Blue Collar vs.  Hoop Dreams:

Hoop Dreams was definitely in the clouds this game. They were getting demolished within minutes of tip off. Number 12 of Blue Collar had 3 three-pointers in a row right off the bat. Hoop Dreams defensive effort was almost non-existent, and proof of that is in the half time score. Blue Collar leading Hoop Dreams 43 to 14. Number 3 on Blue Collar with 20 points and 18 of those points were three-pointers. Hoop Dreams did not even reach double digit till four minutes left in the first half. The final score 63-49 a Blue Collar victory. Reggie Evans gave the team a fight chance in the second half with 16 points. Nick Yeal also helped bounce back Hoop Dreams with 7 steals in the second half alone. Number 12 on Blue Collar was the over all high scorer of the night with 24 points, 20 of those points in the first half.