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Benefiting participants of the Porter-Billups Leadership Academy at Regis University Lonnie Porter, longtime Men's Head Basketball Coach at Regis University, established the Lonnie Porter Summer Academy in 1996 as a two-week program to provide academic and leadership training to at-risk inner city students from Denver. In 2003, it was renamed the Lonnie Porter Leadership Academy and evolved into a year long program with over 100 youth. In 2006 NBA All-Star and Denver native Chauncey Billups then a player for the Detroit Pistons joined forces with Lonnie Porter to provide this academic and leadership training to Denver area inner city kids. Now known as the Porter-Billups Leadership Academy, Billups' participation will help to endow the program to ensure its long-term viability. By helping students develop the skills and aspiration to attend college, Coach Porter hopes to break cycles of poverty with the opportunities a college education affords. Both Coach Porter and Chauncey Billups grew up in inner city neighborhoods. They credit their success to the people who challenged them at a young age to work hard and get an education. The Academy is a way for both men to do for low-income youth what others did for them. Each summer, Coach Porter and a team of Colorado educators work with youth from grades 4 to 12 for three weeks to develop leadership, critical thinking, teamwork, and conflict resolution skills. Though they may not be straight 'A' students, the Academy helps them become leaders among their peers, learn that education is a path to success and offers the skills to prepare them for college. Once the students reach college age, additional financial support is needed to ensure qualified students have the resources to receive a college education. The Porter-Billups Academy Scholarship at Regis recognizes this need and extends the Academy's educational opportunity to include attending Regis University. Recipients receive all the government grants and Regis scholarships for which they qualify, and the Porter-Billups Academy Scholarships fund the balance of the cost of tuition and fees, which may range between $10,000 and $24,000 per student. As part of "The Campaign for Regis University, Writing the Next Chapter," the PorterBillups Academy Scholarships will afford qualified participants of the Porter-Billups Leadership Academy the opportunity to complete their degrees at Regis and develop into leaders in service of others.